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Schematect and Desktop Software Special

Pay $194 now, and you get 4 months of the Schematect JSON + LD schema builder, the Wordpress plugin, and the Productivity Ops suite. ***This includes 2 months that you don’t have to pay for. It’s on us as a thank you for being a member or trying out the bundle.*** After these 4 months, you will begin your monthly membership at $97 each month. There won’t be any more payments until the 4th month is over.


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Ordering the bundle gets you both the productivity software and the original schematect software.


This is just the current list of productivity software that we have ready.  Many more will be added over time and those that are monthly paying members will get all additional software tools at the same price.

Current productivity products:

  • Zimm Outline Creator
  • Video Creator
  • Content Creation
  • Edge One Matrix
  • Edge One Analysis
  • Flickr Scraper
  • Instagram Scraper
  • Outline Generator
  • Keyword Clustering Suite

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