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We are changing the structured data game forever

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup ( is a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines better understand the info on your website in order to serve rich results.  With the help of these markups, search engines can understand the meaning and relationships underlying the entities that appear on your site. As a result, schema markup has emerged as a popular issue in the world of search engine optimization.

Why is Structured Data, Schema Important?

One of the most important functions of markup is to assist search engines in better understanding your content.

A year before the launch of Google’s Knowledge Graph, which is a knowledge base of entities and the relationships between them, the community behind the markup,, was established. This is no coincidence.

One of the key sources of this information is, as you would have guessed, the schema markup.



“Has saved us tons of time generating client schema AND it nodes their schema. No other software is doing this!”

Jordan Fowler, Moon & Owl

“Just had another site move up 16 spots (just short of the 3 pack presume because of no reviews yet) within 5 hours of posting…”

Matt Behlen, AdCaffeine Marketing

“Really digging this software. This takes the complexities of Rob’s schema training and puts them into a dead simple point/click platform…”

Brian Kato, Fusion Vine

Why Schema?

Google is a graphical database designed to collect information and then return answers to questions based on the information it has parsed together from the web

By utilizing advanced schema markup we are able to control the information Google has about our online assets and train the bot exactly what we want it to know about our brand.

Next Steps for Utilization of Structured Data

Learn how to implement schema on your site and begin controlling what Google knows about your brand with our Schematic Architecture Course

Lets us build your Schematic Architecture for you with our DFY schema services

Utilize our schematic architecture software to build it yourself.